Hi, I’m David. I am a recent music student graduate composer with four years of composition and theory training. I have ten years of performance working on a few projects that we’ll start publishing soon, but for now, here is a sample of my work.

Yo, my name is Jordan. I’m a writer. I occupy space in both the real world and my imagination at the same time, which has allowed me to create unique worlds for readers to enjoy. Yes, I am crazy, and here is proof.

We artists have combined our powers to promote our works, solo and joint, through Mythril Ink. When we aren’t distracted by shiny objects, we are working hard to bring you our latest creations. Let us know what you think on our Feedback page.

Currently, we are looking for artists that would be interested in making our front page alive. We would love to promote artists’ works in exchange for prettying up the site. If you’re interested, contact us! – Jordan