How Do I Shot Web?

Finished the first iteration of Heath Powers: Diary of an Observant Ravenclaw. It’s called Year One. If anyone has any suggestions, comment. I am really satisfied with this and can’t wait to do more of them covering the seven books and eight movies. I’ve read the books twice, but I am not going to claim to be an expert.

I am not shitting on the series… I love it, so this is my way of poking fun at it, my satire. I am not writing a fan fiction, just creating a character that can interpret my humorous and critical observations of the books and movies.

The whole idea was both a combination of lunchtime discussions about over thinking popular fiction by applying logic and reason, and watching Plinkett reviews from RedLetterMedia. As I said before, after I take on Harry Potter, I plan on hitting other popular films.

I saw The Amazing Spiderman. It did a lot more justice to the characters of both Peter Parker and Spiderman than the previous film versions did. There was no piano dancing and shoehorned villain to ruin the story. Andrew Garfield was a convincing Peter Parker; came off as a nerdy, awkward, snarky, troubled, and goodhearted teenager, just like he should. They took some creative liberties, most I approved of and just a couple I did not.  I don’t like doing scores for things I review because I feel I can never gauge them right and they gave the wrong impression. The movie has a good combination of lighthearted humor and dark drama, which I feel make a Spiderman story. This is a rental however. Stay after the credits a bit for a post mid credit scene… How do I shot web? This movie may have the answer.

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  1. Hey,

    Happy to hear you like The Amazing Spiderman. I’m trapped in a small town currently, so am unable to see it, but am super pumped to see it.

    Can’t wait to read more of your parodies. You’re good with the pop culture references?

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